1. Relationships do not last long without genuineness, sincerity and openness.
  2. A smile gives others happiness and costs nothing.
  3. Exchange of pleasantries will pave the way for depth in existing relationships.
  4. Can I do anything for you is a magical expression and will give you a winning edge over others.
  5. Words of anger no only hurt a person but you can even lose a friend.
  6. Laugh with others and not over others.
  7. Forgiveness is one of the finest quality a person can inculcate.
  8. Peace is the foundation for happiness.
  9. Fruits of success cannot be enjoyed in isolation. One needs friends near and dear ones to share the success.
  10. Take care not to lose the love of family, friends and colleagues; respect from juniors and appreciation from superiors.
  11. A happy family life can provide the necessary spring board for enhancing a person's self confidence.
  12. An understanding & supportive spouse can be a pillar of great strength.
  13. Adopt a sensible and calm attitude in interpersonal conflicts.
  14. Courtesies do not cost anything. Thank people for even little things they do for you.
  15. Exchange of pleasantries will pave the way for depth in existing relationships.
  16. Sincere appreciation, encouragement & recognition of good qualities and services rendered, pays rich dividends.
  17. To make things easier, understand other person's interest or needs.
  18. Seeking some one's opinion creates a feeling of elation and importance in that person and can be the foundation for lasting relationship.
  19. Words of anger not only hurt a person but one can lose a friend.
  20. Love is the purest feeling one can experience for another person.
  21. We make our living by what we get, but we make our life by what we give.

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