About the Book ‘Relationship Strategies for Success’  

‘Relationship Strategies for Success’ book is a guide to practical and meaningful ways of cultivating good personal relations within our family, at work place, with friends and in society.  Guidance is given on some very sensitive and ticklish human relations aspects so that readers can brighten their life and make it more enjoyable, happy and joyful. The thrust is on nurturing relationships.  

This   book written in lucid style, simple everyday spoken English and generously enriched with extensive illustrations and anecdotes from real life make it eminently readable.  Those who aspire to "relearn and recall" the understanding of basic issues in human relations i.e. simple good manners, simple concerns beyond the self and simple old world's goodness will find the book extremely helpful.


This book covers principles of Human Relations in a very comprehensive manner. It provides in a pre-digested form several pearls of wisdom – so easy to read, understand and implement. Suggestions being made for improving inter-personal relations are easy to remember tips, devoid of technical jargons and complexities of academic thought. The book will sensitize people to interact more positively.


Understanding and practical application of principles suggested in the publication will definitely enrich one's relationships. Life can be a great fun if individuals decide to make it so.  

Some of the topics covered are anger, how to control anger, how to make anger work for you, smile, taking interest in others, remembering names, recognizing good work, avoiding arguments and criticism, listening, humor etc. Very simply yet forcefully the potency of sorry, thank you, please etc. is demonstrated. Simple yet forgotten secrets of human sensitivity, love, happiness, peace, harmony, trust and forgiveness etc have been dealt with in a matter of fact way. Guidance is offered to assist readers by suggesting solutions to make their personal lives meaningful and joyful.  

There is wisdom for executives, managers, professionals, teachers, students, parents, children, spouses, housewives, workers and leaders – persons young and old from all walks of life. It is a must reading for all and will go a long way in human relations better, all over. Practiced widely good human relations will make this world a better place to live in.


“To be Born a Gentleman is an Accident, to Die a Gentleman is an Achievement”

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